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Platinum 1.625" 24 pack

Product Code: 5001.5391


Our Extreme Max Platinum Series Studs are constructed out of top of the line materials and completely manufactured in America. The stud bodies are constructed from hardened military grade stainless steel so you know they are built to last. These snowmobile studs are designed with a two-step inert gas heat treatment process. This allows for a 30% increase in abrasion resistance and a 25% increase in bend resistance to better provide you with the traction you need. Extreme Max snowmobile studs also feature an 80 degree carbide insert tip which provides ultra-high impact and abrasion resistance. Plus with the exclusive taper profile there is maximum protection of the carbide insert.

One of the best features of our Extreme Max Platinum Series Studs is that they have a full 1" head design which provides up to 36% more track contact area than other brands. This creates more traction and greatly reduces the risk of stud pull-thru which is a constant battle on today's high power machines. Another great aspect of the 1" head design is that they sit flush with the track so you can maneuver your snowmobile freely without any chatter. Finally the Extreme Max Platinum Series Studs feature a Torx Drive Head. The Torx Drive head is over 30% stronger than the out of date hex drive design. This drive resists stripping and makes the critical base area stronger and much more resistant to breakage.

Finally, along with all of these great features, Extreme Max also provides a Two Year No-Hassle Bend/Break Warranty. Standing behind our product is very important. Our studs are built to handle it all!

• Radius shoulder design which fits all tracks
• Constructed from industrial and military grade hardened stainless steel
• Lightweight Design is great for trail riding or racing
• True 1.0" Head pulls flush with track
• 5/16" body diameter
• 80 Degree Carbide insert tip
• Push through style stud with T.25 torque insert
• Includes nylock nuts
• Available in 24 & 48 Packs
• 2 Year Full Replacement Warranty

Manufacturer: Extreme Max


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