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Fat Head 1.345" 36 pack

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Extreme Max knows that today's thin O.E.M. tracks require special snowmobile studs. That is why they designed the Extreme Max Fat Head Snowmobile Stud. This stud features an oversized 1.160" head that works great with the O.E.M. thin tracks and is also a excellent choice for any other snowmobile track. 

These studs boast many of the same features as the Platinum Series Studs. They are constructed from the same hardened military grade stainless steel. 100% American made these snowmobile studs also contain the 80 degree carbide insert tip which provides high impact and super high abrasion resistance. Plus the oversized head provides up to 36% more track contact area than the competition. The Extreme Max Fat Head studs sit flush with your track allowing you to turn your snowmobile freely without any chatter. Finally the Torx Drive head is over 30% stronger than the out of date hex drive models. An amazing feature of the Torx Drive Head is that it resists stripping while still making the critical base area of the snowmobile stud stronger ultimately resisting bending or breaking.

• Designed for thin O.E.M. Tracks
• Constructed from industrial and military grade hardened stainless steel
• Lightweight Design is great for trail riding or racing
• True 1.160" Head pulls flush with track
• 5/16" body diameter
• 80 Degree Carbide insert tip
• Push through style stud with T.25 torque insert
• Includes nylock nuts
• Available in 36 & 48 Packs

Lug Height Stud Size Stud Recommendation 
1"1.25"Trail Rider
1" 1.345" Aggressive Rider
1.25"1.345"Trail Rider
1.25" 1.465" Aggressive Rider


Manufacturer: Extreme Max


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