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Arctic Cat Simmons Flexi Ski Gen 1

Product Code: SimGen1-CAT

The Simmons Generation lskis feature a dual runner design which eliminates darting and provides great corning control.These also float great in deep snow and work great for sidehilling.The mountain ski standard of skis.Comes standard with stainless steel mounting kits,choice of color ski loops and 5" flush carbides ( for ski wear protection only.If you ride trails you will want 4" or 6" cutting carbide).If you wish you can upgrade standard carbide for cutting carbide below.Colored ski options come as a black bottom with colored ski loops.Below are mount kit applications.

As a extra precaution for correct application.Please add your year,model of Arctic Cat in checkout message area.

Application 1:

1996 and older models

Application 2:

1997-2009 models

Application 3:

2010-2011 models

Application 4:

2012 and newer models


Manufacturer: Simmons


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