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Product Code: SLP-POWDER-PRO


TheSLP POWDER PRO SKI - Ultimate in loose snow performance for maximum flotation and precise steering control
- Deep snow steering ability is dramatically increased
- Low speed snow mobility is also substantially increased
- Exhibits a unique multi-level keel design to provide aggressive steering ability with minimal arm effort over a broad range of conditions
- The upper keel aids the lower keel when maneuvering in deep powder or loose conditions
- The sidewall surface area of the upper keel adds to the sidewall surface area of the lower keel to provide optimum steering control in deep powder or loose snow conditions. 
Powder control wings aid in maintaining proper ski attitude (keeping skis parallel to the snow) in deeper powder snow. Also, due to front suspension camber one side of the ski will lift (approximately 8o) in a turn. The powder control wing compacts the snow under it rather than allowing it to wash over the top. This dramatically increases the Powder Pro ski’s ability to turn in loose snow. Control while sidehilling is greatly increased due to the additional steering control. These skis also help eliminate the tendency that long, aggressive tracks have to push through the corners. Recommended for mountain/powder use, this ski works amazingly well in snowcross type conditions. 



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