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Polaris Simmons Flexi Ski Gen 3

Product Code: SimGen3-POL


Simmons took all the knowledge and experience of the original and Gen II flexi-skis,and created the Gen III ski. 

  • 8 inches wide
  • Sports car handling
  • Modified the dual keel/concave design by placing the keels closer together.The outer keel is shorter than the inner keel, which increases overall ski performance.Turning is sharper.
  • New carbide skag design.Combined with the new ski design allows the ability to place the cutting carbide under the spindle to aid in turning.




As a extra precaution for correct application.Please add your year,model of Polaris in checkout message area.

Application 1:

All models except IQ chassis 

Application 2:

2010 and older IQ chassis

Application 3:

2011 and newer IQ chassis



Manufacturer: Simmons


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